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January 20, 2022 

BREAKING: Catholic Bar Association Plays Founding Role in Establishing the Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance

WASHINGTON, D.D. - The Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance (CHCLA) is officially launching during a press conference today at the Kirby Center at Hillsdale College, in Washington, D.C.  The alliance is founded by five organizations, one of which is the Catholic Bar Association (CBA), a national association of Catholic legal professionals whose mission is to educate, organize and inspire its members to faithfully uphold and bear witness to the Catholic faith in the study and practice of the law.

Joshua McCaig, a health care attorney who served as the founding president of the CBA and is a Director on the Board of the CHCLA, stated “The Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance is a broad coalition of organizations, encompassing various professions and specialties, committed to protecting and advancing Catholic Health Care through education, advocacy, evangelization and mutual support of its members.” 

The mission of CHCLA, as an alliance of faithful Catholic organizations, is to support the rights of patients and professionals to receive and provide health care in accordance with the moral, ethical, and social teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church through ongoing evangelization, education, advocacy, and mutual support.

McCaig stated “This Alliance will work to ensure that the legacy of Catholic Health Care in the United States not only endures, but thrives.

In addition to the Catholic Bar Association, the CHCLA is founded by the Catholic Medical Association, The National Catholic Bioethics Center, the Catholic Benefits Association, and the Christ Medicus Foundation.  The Alliance welcomes members who desire to be a part of a community that shares a mission of advancing Catholic health care. 

“It is our hope that this Alliance, and the expertise brought by its members in the areas of medicine, law, policy, advocacy, education, and bioethics, will serve as a unique resource to health care providers, patients, the Church, and our country” stated McCaig. 

The president of the Catholic Bar Association, Peter Wickersham, stated “In an era when the ethical delivery of healthcare services is under attack, the Catholic Health Care Leadership Alliance’s establishment couldn’t be more timely.  The Catholic Bar Association is honored to be a part of this indispensable effort.”

The Most Reverend James D. Conley is the Chair of the CHCLA Episcopal Advisory Board and is the Bishop of Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska.  Bishop Conley stated “This Alliance brings together the best minds in medicine, law, business, and theology.  I look forward to working with CHCLA and my brother Bishops to guide and support the work of CHCLA in this important work that will not only bring faithful medicine to our people, but bring our people to a deeper relationship with God.”

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