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Mission of the Catholic Bar Association

Catholic Bar Association is a community of legal professionals that educates, organizes and inspires its members to faithfully uphold and bear witness to the Catholic Faith in the study and practice of the law.

The National Catholic Legal Organization that Unites, Evangelizes, Grows and Supports Catholic Lawyers and related Professionals


There are over 60 Independent local or regional Catholic Lawyers organizations but NO National Organization to provide support and to encourage new chapters.


  1. To uphold the principles of the Catholic faith in the practice of law.
  2. To assist the Church in the work of communicating Catholic legal principles to the legal profession and society at large.
  3.  To support Catholic attorneys in faithfully applying Catholic ethical principles in the practice of law.
  4. To enable Catholic attorneys to know one another better and to work together with deeper mutual support and understanding.

“The formation of the laity and the evangelization of professional and intellectual life represent a significant pastoral challenge.” Pope Francis, 11/24/2013.

Benefit to Chapters:

  • IT and Website support
  • Marketing templates
  • CBA logos and marks
  • CBA content
  • Networking Database
  • CLE opportunities
  • CBA speaker network
  • National Events

Benefit to the Church:

  • Organizing legal professionals
  • Professional development
  • National initiative support
  • Local initiative support
  • Pro Bono Services
  • Evangelization
  • Outreach
  • Red Mass Promotion


Bringing together the Catholic legal professionals into one, united, national organization.  Currently, there are many local or regional organizations, but no national organization to provide support, growth and networking opportunities.


The Catholic Bar Association provides the benefit of putting quality Catholic content into the hands of  legal professionals to promote evangelization and spiritual growth in the faith. 


The Catholic Bar Association will promote growth by encouraging and supporting the formation of new chapters throughout the nation and abroad.


The Catholic Bar Association will provide support to local chapters through technical, professional and networking opportunities and to the various Dioceses with contacts and pro bono service.

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