Once More Into The Breach

Making Again the Case for Natural Law

By Thomas Grieve - Victoria and Albert Musesum

July 11, 2024 at 2:00 PM ET

Webinar Lecture by Hadley Arkes


What keeps the U.S. legal and constitutional system from devolving into incoherence? Can theories of constitutional interpretation prevent judicial activism?

The eminent legal philosopher Hadley Arkes discusses themes from his recent book, “Mere Natural Law” in an upcoming webinar co-sponsored by the Catholic Bar Association and the James Wilson Institute.

 The framers of the Constitution regarded the self-evident truths of the Natural Law as foundational. Yet in our own time, both liberals and conservatives insist that we must interpret the Constitution while ignoring its foundation. Making the case anew for Natural Law, Arkes draws us back to the ground of Natural Law as the American Founders understood it, the anchoring truths of common sense—truths grasped at once by the ordinary man, unburdened by theories imbibed in college and law school.

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