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How You Can Help the CBA Flourish

How Can You Help the Catholic Bar Association Flourish?

The mission of the CBA is to educate, organize, and inspire its members to faithfully uphold and bear witness to the Catholic Faith in the study and practice of the law.  We do so through Fellowship, Education, Solidarity, and Advocacy for the Catholic Attorney.  



  • Our Annual Conference provides an unparalleled occasion for fellowship, enlightenment, and prayer.
  • Our Member Data Base provides access to hundreds of Catholic legal professionals across the country.
  • We are sponsoring a Pilgrimage to England in June 2023 focused on St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher.


  • Our Annual Conference presents a dynamic group of Catholic legal scholars, jurists, and attorneys who offer their insights on the paramount issues of our time, while providing CLE Credit at an incredibly affordable price.
  • We carry on this mission throughout the year with Inter-conference, on-line seminars on a variety of topics.


  • Our membership is comprised of a network of 10 Local Affiliates (local Catholic Lawyers’ Guilds and St. Thomas More Societies) in 9 states and nearly 300 active Individual Members in 36 states.
  • We have forged Alliances, both formal and informal, with public interest law firms, Catholic institutions of higher learning, and interdisciplinary professional organizations, which expand the CBA’s presence in the legal profession.


  • Through our Advocacy efforts, we have:
    • Championed the right of persons of faith and religious conviction to practice law without discrimination or reprisal. 
    • Opposed: American Bar Association Model Rule 8.4(g) (to the extent it infringes religious liberty); expansive abortion legislation in New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Vermont; contraceptive coverage at University of Notre Dame; and de facto religious tests for appointment to the federal bench.  
    • Filed amicus curiae briefs in landmark religious liberty cases such as Masterpiece Cakeshop and Bostock.
  • We participate in an alliance of Catholic organizations opposed to DHHS Rules that would render unlawful conscientious objection to participation in abortion, contraception, and gender reassignment therapy.

To foster the development of the Catholic Bar Association, we NEED your help and support. We humbly ask that you prayerfully consider the following:

  • Encouraging other faithful Catholic attorneys to join the CBA – We Need Others Like You
  • Helping your Catholic Lawyers’ Guild or Thomas More Society become a CBA Local Affiliate We Need to Expand the Network of Local Affiliates to Every State
  • Deciding NOW to attend CBA 2023 and committing to bringing at least 1 colleague with you – We Need To Fill the Hall at Antonin Scalia Law School with Faithful Catholic Lawyers
  • Becoming involved by serving on a CBA Committee – We Need Your Ideas and Your Energy
  • Donating the equivalent of at least 1 billable hour of your time to the CBA by the end of 2022 – We Need Your Financial Support to Pursue All of These Initiatives and MORE!

You can donate to the CBA at Donate to the CBA

 Get Involved!

Thank you and may St. Thomas More, Patron Saint of Lawyers, Pray for Us!

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